Kerry Saul | Business Development Manager | Voltsaver


Working with Katie-Jane Houston our virtual assistant in creating and building our first website has been nothing but a pleasure. Katie-Jane became one of our team from day one and through her thorough research and questions gained a sound knowledge of our business and our product. With her virtual assistance and professional service our website went live within the first month and one of our customers commented on how professional our site is and how easy it is to navigate.

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Brett Sandeman | Director | Rightway Home Improvements


We have used the services of My Virtual Assistance for approx 12 months now. We have been extremely satisfied with the service provided which has been above and beyond what you would normally expect! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone to use this professional yet flexible service. Have been a God send on many occasions. Thanks for your help and look forward to more in the future.

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Jane Donovan | Entrepreneur


I highly recommend the team as being super efficient, flexible, affordable and with a huge range of skills. If you are unsure if they could do the job for you, I suggest you ask as I have yet to be told no and not had a 100% delivery on the service. They have changed my life to enable me to be free to spend time on the projects I am passionate about and having them handle the things I prefer not to do in my three businesses; Social 8 Love-life Show Coaching Practice

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